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The need to expand its market reach and emphasize its category relevance prompted Eveready Philippines to embark on an activation program that sought to influence and educate sari-sari store owners via its We are Eveready Sari-Sari Store Barangay Caravan.

The nationwide project aimed to make Eveready batteries more accessible beyond traditional sales outlets and tap into the ubiquitous, friendly neighborhood sari-sari store as an important distribution channel.

The activity was also an opportunity to help sari-sari store owners earn more through the program. It also sought to address safety and environment issues concerning the proliferation, sale, and use of unreliable and poor quality battery brands that may endanger consumers, damage their small appliances or contribute to hazardous environmental waste. This activity demonstrated an innovative and unique combination of two simple, yet, underrated essentials that are part and parcel of the Filipino way of life: sari-sari stores and batteries.

With the help of Themeactive, Inc., the program reached 24 provinces across the country.

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