Pharex Health Corp
  January 13, 2021 7:39 AM

Pharex Healthcorp wanted to promote their hypertension medicine via Facebook in order to tap their target market. The working force who will purchase the medicine, usually the children of senior citizens who are experiencing this sickness.

But with a strict policy against promotion of prescription drugs, we have to look for a way that will achieve our objective to promote, at the same time following the strict code of not promoting directly a prescription medicine.

During the briefing, Pharex Healthcorp discussed that they wanted to tap the mass market with the economical 15-day pouch they produced as a budget-friendly, and for everyday use of the maintenance medicine. Thus, the Full Blast Digicomms, Inc. coined ARAW-ARAW, TULOY-TULOY as the name of the official FB page.

We utilized real senior citizens and featured their stories as they share their positive experiences with Pharex’s maintenance heart and hypertension drugs.

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